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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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steny on fbn. only fbn. you don't get it? >> demand it. >> neil: one more time. you don't get it? >> demand it! >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." tonight, a lot of people on television are going to talk about the g.o.p. pledge to america today. good stuff in there. also has stuff i don't understand. my biggest problem is i'm looking for something bold. i'm looking for, remember shock and awe? i'm looking for something that actually moves us dramatically in the right direction. maybe the rest of america isn't there. there is some bold stuff and then they'll repeal healthcare, they say. not bad, but there is also in there, return to the 2008 spending levels. pretarp. even before tarp, the spending levels stanley cup on ice -- stunk on ice. how act returning to the levels 1908?
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>> glenn: we need bold solutions, because the problems were as breathtaking as the grand canyon. if we keep watching this direction, we'll tumble down into it. no one is levelling with you on what will happen if we're not bold. but tonight, we will. c'mon! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. wouldn't you like once in a while if someone would treat you like an adult? seriously. somebody would just level with you. all they ever tell us is what they think we want to hear. what they think we need to hear. just tell us the truth. you don't need to sugarcoat it. that's what everybody does, to suit their agenda. both sides are sugarcoating. from the right we get we have to stop spending or we'll
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drive ourselves in bankruptcy and we can't afford to do that. now this plan comes out and it's 2008 spending levels. okay. it was bad in 2008. i don't know if the republicans got that. all of that is true, we will spend ourselves to oblivion and we continue to spend. we have to cut. that's true. but they leave something out of that. on the other side, democrats also sugarcoat. the opposite. this is jan, flaming on fire progressive who says spending, of course, is the answer. of course, she's wrong. wrong to think nothing bad would happen if we keep spending. that is the sugar. she does touch briefly on what would happen if we stop spending. here it is. >> we talk about the crippling deficit for the grandchildren. a lot of talk in the commission of the grandchildren. what are we going to leave them with? we could leave them with debt but they could be sick,
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uneducated and unemployed. that is not a good thing. >> it's not. to borrow to pay for those things. >> the united states could end up like a third world country if we don't invest. >> glenn: first, we didn't need the department of education. we seem to educate the country without the department of education more than we're educating it now. the department of education is relatively new, jan. we are not all turning to dummies because we have each or and we educate ourselves and the government and the state. one thing she said was that the country could end up like a third world country. that is true. she says it will happen if we don't invest. where in the constitution do you read anything about investing in our country? it's up to you to invest. that's what you do. you are not investing in our country. you're taking money the from people and spend it the way
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you want. that is grand theft or i think it's suicide. she mentioned the third world. the united states could be a third world country. two years ago, actually about four years ago i think i said to my father and he said, "oh, no, glenn, that will never happen." yes, it will. yes, it will. the only thing that will happen are the things that we deny that could happen if we stay in that denial. this is why we needed adult conversation. we need to be able to look each other in the eye and just say look, here is the truth. politicians, you know, we know. we know who did it to our country. it's both of you. it's both sides. you're both in time-out corners. we were part of it. here is the thing. either road we take we're going to hit a forest. this is, this is economic darkness here. there is trouble ahead.
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we're both, both right and left have taken us in this forest. now we're here. we're right here. we want to go here. the question is how long do we stay in the forest? do we get eaten by a lion, tiger or a bear while in the forest? there is one way to get to the -- get to this road much faster than the other. one meanders in the forest. i don't know what you have left on the other side. i don't know if you ever get here. i don't know. the question is there is pain either way. whatever one you choose, whether it's republican or democratic plan or my plan or somebody who says let's just turn the printing presses off and close everything down. pain. the question is how much pain, how long does it last? what kind of person are you? i'm somebody who likes to rip the band aid off quick.
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that's what i am. rip it off quick. if it's going to cause damage to the wound, then tear it off slow. if it's ow, ow, ow, just take it off, man. take our lumps and let's move forward. what we are entering is a vimar trap. if you listen to one side, it's vimar trap. this is a very -- this is a puzzle in here. that has never been solved correctly. civilization after civilization went into the forest and never come out. lords of finance is a good book and it tells the stories of all the lords of finance in the first and -- been a while. second world war. it tells the story of wymar
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republic. he horribly mismanaged the war. but he decided to go with the new government plan, print money to pay back the allies. here was the problem. the problem was they lost the war. then all the allies, france and england and america as well, they punished germany. they were going to make them pay for the mistakes and teach them and the rest of the world on a lesson. embarking on the league of nation, precursor to the league of nations. germany couldn't pay for it. they decided to print money. exactly what we're doing now. the president of the bank said it would lead to massive inflation. why did he do it? he knew it would lead to the trap. you will never get out of the forest. ever! why did he do it?
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well, no one knows for sure but there are three possible answers. one, he wanted to teach the new incoming government a lesson. two, complete and total economic ignorance. he had no idea what was going on. or the third answer and most likely, this is the one most people agree on is he didn't have a choice. why? because once you are in this forest, it gets spooky. it gets dark and spooky. and you don't want to spook all the people you're with. you are trying to lead them out of the forest. you have -- once you're in here, you have no idea which direction you're going on. well, inflating the money. here was the choice. inflating the money will lead to interest rate increases, high unemployment and turn revolution out in streets. but the other option was to not print the money, and that would lead to high
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unemployment. and people losing their houses and their jobs. and revolution in the streets. so there is no good answer in the forest. unless you stay true to your principles. if you find your true north and you say what has never worked, printing money. borrowing more. that's never worked. we know it's never worked. but what happens when you are in this forest is people get afraid. they're like no, no, no. no, no, no. we'll be eaten by a lion and these people behind us, we're trying to lead them out and they're all going to freak out. you can't tell them, we're all going to die in the forest! that's what happens. then somebody says here is a match. print more money. so then people in the line and everybody in the forest goes no, no, i got money. it's on fire, but i got money. over here. it's a trap. that's what happened to weimar republic. they owed too much money, just like we do. how to pay for it and they
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never got out of the forest. there is always someone here who says i'll lead you out of the forest. that time it was hitler. because everybody once they get to on the edge of the forest, they are so freaked out and they have no food left. they have no money left. they have no houses left. they have nothing. that's how it always ends. in a completely unrelated note, president obama was at the u.n. yesterday continuing to promise all the countries around the world that we'll still be sending them more foreign aid. here is what he said. >> put simply, the united states is changing the way we do business. >> glenn: good. >> first, we're changing how we define development. for too long we measured the efforts by the dollars we spent and the food and medicine that we deliver. >> glenn: okay. >> but aid alone is not development. development is helping nations develop.
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moving from poverty to prosperity. we need more than just aid to unleash that change. >> glenn: okay. all right. boy, do i agree with that. i wish we would have gotten that oh, about, i don't know, 1908. so now, here we are sending our own people to unemployment lines and soup kitchens and now we decided we're still going to send the money over there but teach the rest of the world how to fish. hey, fishermen, fish yourself first. what is it, physician heal thy self? yeah! president obama, once you snag and reel it in the boat, then you can tell the rest of the world. you want to talk about arrogance, then you can talk to everybody else about how to create jobs. here is what you need politician to say. other nations i feel bad. i really do. all the money you are getting from us is a loan from a
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loan. you ain't never going to pay it back. we know that and you know that. we have to pay ours back because nobody will forgive the evil united states. just like germany in world war i, we can't afford it and no one will release us from the debt. germany kept printing money after world war i until they hit the point of no return and it finally collapsed. are we going to reach that point? yeah, maybe. i hope we don't, but we could. we won't even see it coming because our politicians refuse to treat us like adults and act like adults instead of children. instead they want to keep us being fed candy. here is some candy, little kiddies. now what happens on the future? what happens in the future? it depends on us. i want you to know we're going into this forest whether you listen to the republicans or the democrats. but only one road takes you out. that is depend on every skill that you have.
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depend on the people in the line. as long as you know going in to the forest guys it's going to be really spooky. here is what we're going to face. everybody hold hands, ban together and have firm reliance on divine providence. you hang together! as long as you're saying that here, you'll make it here. but nobody is telling you about the forest, are they? here is what our future will be if we do not change our past. if we don't change our behavior now, we'll default on the loans -- they won't allow us to default. we'll print the money. other countries say wait a minute, that's worthless. we have want our money. you think they'll let us keep the oil or the anwar? the gulf?
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we default or end defense. what does that mean? there will be a time we can't pay for one or the other. if you're like totally cool with the united nations and the blue helmets, not a bad option. why not have the united nations army represent us? i said the next two possible -- these next two years are possibly the most dangerous time in american history. even if the g.o.p. takes over in 2011. so what? first, since when have we been tight with a pocketbook? secondly, president obama has a big fat veto pen. he won't allow any cut to go through unless he thinks it helps him and the democratic party. we're not looking -- the people in washington are not looking to help the country. they are fundamentally transforming the country.
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i believe because of what van jones said, anything that stirs the base to anger like cutting education, he will be totally fine with. and any cut is going to hurt in the short-term. but we have to cut to show the rest of the world we are serious. we also have to cut now, because we're on this path. right now is the time we say wait, wait, wait. don't eat all your provisions. we might be in there for a while. no no, no. don't spend all your money, don't use your flashlights. we're going in a dangerous place. that's what we must do now. no one, not bush, not anybody truly articulated what the real choices are. the closest came from joe biden when he said you had to keep spending. here it is. >> when i say that, people look at me and say what are you talking about? you're telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt? the answer is yes! that's what i'm telling you. >> glenn: that's not entirely true. you have to spend money to keep the illusion that you are going bankrupt going.
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want to keep the illusion we're not going to, no problems are ahead. you're eating all the food. you're using all the batteries. joe, what you're doing is a ponzi scheme. not a solution. if we keep spending we'll fall off the cliff to the grand canyon, then we won't have anything left to get us back out. if we remain standing on the edge, you are in trouble. have you heard anyone in the media ask the president or the genius economists this question: hey, mr. president, i read. i can figure out weimar. spending is really bad. what is your exit strategy? i mean because if you are spending to jumpstart the economy, and it's not work something far, "a," when do you say that's enough, we've tried it enough, the car is not going to start? or when do you stop? because right now, here is how it's playing out. we need more stimulus money so teachers don't get fired.
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then they pass a bill and give teachers enough to last the year so they don't get fired. what happens when the year is over? hey, we need more money so the teachers don't get fired. well at what point do we stop getting industries and unions and keeping them afloat with money that we don't have? closer to home on this one. at what point do we tell the unions we are not responsible for your pensions? we cannot afford the pensions. we are entering a place where people cannot afford to even eat. you are not going to get your pensions. i'm sorry. it's jobs and the country or your pension. let the unions figure that one out. but that would require a grown-up in the room. a grown-up that will level with the american people and their union members. you people that lead the unions, you got your pensions. fully funded. 120%. workers, you're screwing them. you face them. we're big boys and big girls.
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we can handle it. we can handle it calmly. explain the grown-up choice. you know what? you know what? you can handle anything calmly here. and this is where we are. you cannot handle things calmly when people are afraid in the forest and you've lied to them. you say what forest? there is no trees on this path. you can either pin our hopes on a globalist, redistribution of wealth, anti-free market policies that have never worked in the history of mankind. we can cross our fingers and hope to die and stick a needle in our eye and pray -- well, not if the aclu is anywhere around -- that marxism and printing money for the very first time will create prosperity. yeah. it doesn't bleed the country dry. so no resources to the left and money is worthless and we chased all the business leaders and the businesses overseas. all the industry and the union and the leaders are
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already overseas looking at us going see you later, suckers. or, do you have an adult conversation like this? cut spending. dramatically. now. it's not going to be pretty at first. it is going to hurt all of us. remember, all the trillions our government is spending is they're spending it so they can ache the band aid off really slowly. they have artificially propped up failing institutions. when what we need to do is let them fail and build a better one. when we cut, you might lose your job. i might lose my job. you might lose your home. i might lose my home. we could slide into a depression. pensions might be lost. there may be unrest in the streets. but we have each other. what is more important? what is our biggest asset? our houses? our jobs? or each other? if it gets bad, we have each other. we must be prepared for it. pro paired to ban together,
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come -- prepared to ban together, come together and figure out new ways to pay off our debt. neither option is good. why is the second option the best option? because if you don't choose it, we get option number one automatically. we get a country with no work ethic. we have a dollar that is worth zero. you know, like france or greece, a few years ago. we're going to take our medicine now and get the truth. or not. are we going to do what other societies like rome and everybody else have done and slowly slide in collapse until there is nothing left? i prefer the truth. i prefer a shot. we are in trouble either way. yes. but we are also the same people that changed the world because we did the hard things. we are the people that went to the moon and back. we can certainly find our way out of a forest. ñ÷
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>> glenn: i have been saying for some time now we need to be the people we were on 9.12. but we need to be the people without the planes flying in the building. on that day, we didn't suddenly forget that we were americans. we remembered who we really were. we forgot the political differences and the
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disagreements. that wasn't something small. do you remember how divided we were? selected, not elected was going on. we were coming off the most contentious presidential election of all time. but when we saw those planes fly in the towers, and in the pentagon, and in the field in pennsylvania, we instincti instinctively knew what had to be done. wethew we had to do it together and we knew we could. that's what we did. we were frightened, but we faced our storm, we faced the forest. we got through it. we tolerated the short-term pain and we're still tolerating the pain of taking your stupid shoes off. we did it because we had to. there are now people overseas still fighting, because they have to. now, the question is, can we come together and do the things we need to do before the financial planes hit the tower? can we be prepared? washington doesn't think you can do it. they want to take all of the
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responsibility out of your hands and place it in theirs. don't let them do it. some people are buying in the message. some are helping the message. i want to play a call i received op the radio show yesterday. watch. >> i was at school the other day. and i heard some people talking socialists behind me.
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>> glenn: not long ago, two years ago, many people still today think it's inconceivable actually buy into socialism and marxism and communism. a concept that's proven a failure every single time. a deadly failure. well, now it's up to you. it's up to you. what do you choose? you are going to have to get out and vote and you're going to have to get people out to vote. i can't imagine that people wouldn't vote this time around, but so many people are still not awake. what is stopping us? wake up your friends and neighbors.
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i got a message said my cynical friend said glenn beck finally convinced to us register to vote. he convinced his wife. fantastic! i don't care if they vote for democrat, republican, whatever! get out to stake your claim. vote for the candidate you believe is bringing the truth. you make all of the difference. now is the time. ♪ ♪ >> mr. president, websters defines "extremism" as the advocacy of extreme measures or views. radicalism. honor. the constitution. family. and god.
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not sure when those things became extreme. maybe that was part of the fundamental transformation we missed? november 2, vote democrat, republican, or independent. most importantly, vote for america. ♪    
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i'm patti ann browne. the president of iran takes center stage again at the united nations. mahmoud ahmadinejad using his time before the general assembly to accuse america of carrying out the 9/11 attacks to save israel. the comments prompted the u.s. delegation to walk out. president obama also addressed the assembly. he pressed iran to come clean on its nuke program. after that, the president met with the leader of china. at this hour is meeting with the prime minister of japan. a long delayed small business jobs bill is headed to
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president obama's desk. the house passed it earlier. president says he looks forward to signing it on monday. for more, visit foxnews col com. glenn beck returns in a moment but first bret baier previews "special report". >> bret: coming up, a top democrat calls the pledge to america a plague on america. the roll-out and the reaction. plus, how big will the upcoming white house personnel shake-up really be? join me at the top of the hour for "special report." now back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: all right. we told you yesterday about cook stoves. what? yes. we did. i told you there is a choice in america. here is your choice. democrats, republicans, this is the 70% of americans. the things are unsustainable. it has nothing to do with the globe. it has everything to do with us and the way we live our lives.
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free market solution. get rid of the government. look to founder, original content. clean up corruption. free the free market. let inventors and the bill gates and everybody else do their thing. put people back to work because things are unsustainable. choice number two is washington. they say things are unsustainable. but because of our greed and our suvs. the climate is weeping. redistribute the wealth. that's the best way to improve the temperature, move money around. global government run by elites because you're homer simpson. this is the merit plan. this is the homer simpson plan. you tell me which one of those is the story of the cook stoves. yesterday, hillary clinton had a global cook stove plan. here we are. homer, merit. here you are. you're over here. you are over here. you on the other side of the forest.
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"boys, come out of the forest. i have a cook stove planned. it will get us on the road to recovery." here is how it works. starting with $50 million. we send $50 million and cook stoves over to africa. to clean, you know. here is the absurd update. that wasn't nuts. here it is. cook stoves have been a long-time part of the overall climate change. the whole agenda, cook stoves are the answer. this is the first concrete step. you have to understand this is part of globalizing the world. taking $50 million from your pocketing it over to africa. that way they save the planet and redistribute the wealth at the same time. everyone wins! except for you. there are a whole lot of people who think the story came out of the blue, came out of nowhere. but nothing, nothing comes out of nowhere.
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a potential if profit for years. "fortune" magazine has written about it. "by any measure it's a long way from quarterbacks of jp morgan chase to global investment bank that generated revenues of $100 billion to the streets of uganda where a poor woman can buy a new cook stove for $6. what connects the big bank to the small transaction is the business of carbon trading. smoke. you see jc morgan has the distribution of the new efficient cook stoves in poor countries. they generate carbon credit, because they save fuel and emit less carbon. in exchange for the subsidizing of the stoves, morgan gets carbon credit and sells the smoke or the non-existent smoke that they
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didn't create to people in companies who have actual smoke. do you know how history will look at this in 1,000 years? i forget. jesus is coming before then. never mind. the retail price of the stove is less than the amount of the money they get for the carbon credit. complicated process. but basically, a way to screw you. make a lot of money. a business model that enron, enron had. that's right! in fact, enron seems a little more rock solid in tangible than this. yeah. they're trading and selling air. kind of like the scheme, you know, they were plotting for in crime inc. enron got us into buying water. at least you could see and drink that. carbon credit, no. now we have the little people like you on the road to
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recovery. jp morgan chase. then barclay's and citigroup. citigroup. and then, oh, what road to recovery would be complete without goldman sachs, merrill lynch. those are the usual suspects that are part of the cook stove plan to get us on the road to recover. land rover. section of video from land rover. watch, kid. it's great. >> traditionally, the cook would have been done using inefficient charcoal stoves. use of the stove causes release of four tons of co2 per year. the project has new independent cooking stove to community. >> glenn: nicely, the cooking
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stoves. isn't that great, land rover? thank you so much. this is the way of the world. elites decided that the world is unsustainable. we have to have the cute little cooking stove with the land rover, redisindustry pute the wealth so we'll have a global system. everything will be on the road to recovery. not for homer, but for these guys. we will have global government run by elites. are you elite? we don't have a stay on this. i didn't know about the cook stove idea. did you get a shot of that one? mice to think about -- nice to think about, you know, all the global warming thing is about the planet and warm food for hungry ugandans, but unfortunately, no. no. no. screw ugandans, screw you. this is about land rover and merrill lynch and jp morgan
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chase and citigroup. that's what this is about. the companies still in business stand to make billions. not the rich guy that you work for, factory you see every day. i don't mean that guy. i mean george soros. i have my minion, al gore. we will make cook stoves for everybody. not everybody, but food for our cook stoves. they are push the carbon trade dollars getting richer on your dollars. yours. they are taking it through your tax dollars. we are buying cook stoves. the regular ceos are freaking out. most voted for the clowns but
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they're freaking out because they can't keep the doors open. they know we're in trouble. those are the regular ceos. not the george soros. they have been preparing this for a long time. they helped create. look at how al gore profited on the hysteria he created, increasing his personal wealth 50 to 100 times or more. i have no problem anybody wants to be a capitalist. i got no problem on that. but while you increase fortunes of the elite, they're galvanizing their power and setting up global governance and he is living in a mansion that is using ten times the amount of electricity that you and i are supposed to use. just don't be a hypocrite about it, al. i'll tell you more about this next.
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>> glenn: global government.
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by 2025. how are we doing on that goal? i wonder, because this is from the federal government here. i wonder how we -- boy, you didn't know that was the goal? c'mon! get aboard the marx train! this is the national intelligence council. they put together a report in november, 2008, titled "global trends: 2025. a transformed world." oh, fundamentally transformed i hope. they provide the president and the senior policy makers with analysis of foreign policy issues, reviewed, coordinated, throughout the intelligence community. they went to scholars on this. they went to big business leaders. spooky dudes. so what is their outlook for 2025? 15 years from now. well, the whole international system constructed following world war ii. that's kind of gone.
5:48 pm
it will be revolutionized. not only will new players, brazil, russia, india, and china have a seat at the international big boy table. but they are also going to bring new stakes and rules to the game. there's more. unprecedented economic growth coupled with 1.5 billion more people. we should indock tri it in our kids -- indoctrinate our kids not to have more children. they're already doing that. we get to that next week. and putting more on energy and food and water with scarcity as the demand outstrips supply. if you are going to buy land, buy land with water rights. water. mark my words. tell your children. water will be the next oil. then there is this in this report. in terms of size and speed and directional flow, the transfer of global wealth and economic power now underway from west to east is without precedent in modern history.
5:49 pm
that's great. now our leaders continue to deny any of this is happening. yet, here it is in their own report. this is just saying what is coming. what are they going to do about it? speeding it up. i don't expect you to make my word for it. you must know these things to be true themselves. do your own homework. you get in an arguen't about me. that's ridiculous. i heard it from glenn beck! "well, he's a --" fill in the blank. don't say that. i don't want you to say that to me. when i meet you on the street i want you to say i looked it up. you know what else i found? do your own homework! find out if it's true. find out if it's right or wrong. find this report. now at and the will do a story
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on this in the next few hours i hope. check it out. read it for yourself. back in a minute.
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>> glenn: president obama and administration officials
5:54 pm
tuesday turned to faith base groups that supported the healthcare law to do their part to help explain it to the american people. in an hour-long conference call they outline the bill of rights and asked to get the world out on the provisions. here is what obama had to say. the debate in washington is over. affordable care act is now law. you can all be really important. validators and trusted resources for the friend and neighbors to help explain what is now available to them. if you hear the message in the church, know it's propaganda for the united states government. it's un-american. now look, this is the way it's supposed to work. the problem was healthcare. the government was supposed to talk amongst themselves and came up with a solution. you hated it. it doesn't matter. he gives a ringy dingy to
5:55 pm
your church and says, hey you have to help me sell this thing. they tell you what it is. you know why that is happening that way? because they look at you as homer simpson. this is the way america is supposed to work. you're at the top. you see a problem in your community. you are a person of merit. you want to take it on and tackle it. but it's too big for you to face, so you go to your faith or your church. you have join together and come up with a solution. if it's so big you can't do it, that's when you give a ringy-dingy to washington and say hey, homer, it's the people. we need your help. that's the way it's supposed to work. this is a perversion. this is propaganda. beware. if the president called your religion and told him hey, nothing is going to change.
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this is just the way it is. this is the solution. jam it down the people's throat. you are going to the wrong place for efficient swal food and empowerment -- for spiritual food and empowerment. @=h 
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>> glenn: tomorrow, an hour that will blow your mind. set your dvrs now for it. we're going to cover the dangers of mixing politics and religion with a woman two lived through the horrors yourself. tell your friends and more importantly get your kids and watch it with your kids.


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